The KII Advantage

New Paradigm for Wealth Acceleration

Our symbiotic capital structures engage partnerships and financial innovations that revolutionize the way businesses and investors accelerate wealth, expand scope and impact the world.

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Capital Structure Advantages

100% Capital
for Our Operators' Growth

We provide our operator partners with the capital to cover all costs to successfully develop new assets within our tailored partnership structure.

Balance Sheet Backed Returns
for Our Investors

The partnerships we have with solvent and renowned operators are designed to provide our investors with a balance sheet backed guarantee to mitigate the risk of investments.

Mitigated Cost of Capital
for Our Partners

Through our structures, we heavily mitigate the traditional risks associated with real estate capital costs, causing a lower cost of capital for all stakeholders.

Ownership Opportunity
for Our Partners

Within many of our structures, our investors and operators receive an initial and continued level of ownership in the new asset.

Our Partners


We partner with only the best-in-class business operators that function well on a solid financial foundation to be able to flourish successfully within our capital structures. Some sectors we partner with are as follows:

Senior Care
Student Housing


We partner with investors who value their relationships and manage their investments well by securing risk-mitigated opportunities while generating real world impact.

Affluent Families
High Net-Worth Individuals
Family Offices
Private Equity
Public Funds
Private Funds
Public Private Partnerships

Get to Know Us
The KII Advantage

Long-term Growth Partnership

Our consulting and partnership structures are always designed to benefit and secure all involved. We cultivate lasting relationships that can flourish and grow your business.

KII is a company that was created with purpose to deploy private capital initiatives primarily in the real estate marketplace. KII and its principals have successfully created and developed some of the most desired capital investment structures and models known in the industry today. Utilizing these unique structures and models, KII aims to fund the development and successful completion of billions of dollars worth of real estate that will impact marketplace sectors such as senior care, student housing, medical, residential housing and general business. With a focus on serving partners as a company that is best in class, KII strives to mitigate risk for investors and provide a platform for operating partners to grow without the stress of conventional capital structures. The top priority for the company is the values in which it was built - to serve others as they would like to be served.

Consulting and advisory services:

  • Procurement of strategic relationships and services
  • Guidance and direction of vision to develop a plan that is realistic and scalable
  • Design and create offering packages for target investors
  • Procuring and coordinating banking relationships
  • Finance, branding, marketing, and talent strategies
Real World Impact
The KII Advantage

Real World Impact

By partnering with us, not only will you be working with a company that is diligently growing your resources, but one that invites you to actually impact the world at no additional cost or support from you.

How We Impact