Put simply, impacting the world means

Going into all nations

to restore hope in hard places for all humanity.

Go Down
It means

Fighting for Freedom

Combating poverty because no human should ever be sold into slavery.

It means

Providing Real Solutions

Successfully implementing infrastructure that provide the basic needs of humanity. This includes feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, caring for the sick, and sheltering the homeless.

It means

Equipping People
for Restoration

Teaching, fostering, and mentoring the current and next generation to lead and live a better life.

How We Impact

We mentor, equip and financially support those in need and individuals and organizations with the ability to restore hope in hard places.

Who We Impact

We impact people who are in need of hope and restoration and support trusted people and organizations that generate real impact in the areas they specialize in.

What We Believe

What Our Impact Means to You

Our Giving
is Our Joy

We consider it a privilege to sacrifice our bottom line as a tangible expression of what we believe in. However, this doesn’t mean we require that you join our mission and believe what we believe.

Our Giving
is Not at Your Cost

You are paying for our skills, not our beliefs. You never have to sacrifice in cost or quality to accommodate our desire to change the world. In fact, you will reap the benefits because it is our desire to change the world that drives us to succeed on your behalf.