Core Values

Fearlessly Living Out Our Mission

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Creating Hope

Creating hope for people in hard places around the world is not just a part of what our company does, it is fundamental to our company's existence. The inspiration for our first core value is drawn from what is revealed in the Bible through the way our creator restores our hope. We believe that we are invited into a great adventure as we live out God's legacy of goodness and engage in restoring hope in places where people have no hope and are in need of help. As humans we are given the commodity of time and resources to make a difference in this world and leave a legacy that extends beyond our years. The most important thing is that we use it. At KII, we see our talents as a commodity to generate resources that can and will be used to restore hope in hard places, while simultaneously maximizing our partner and clients' resources.

Living Integrity

Living integrity means considering the interest of others and placing them alongside our own. It means upholding our mission at cost or inconvenience to ourselves. We choose unity, transparency, and authentic partnership rather then self protection and self gain at another's expense. We assert to do the right thing because it is beneficial for people and relationships and not just good for business. Our incorruptibility safeguards the people, companies, and investments entrusted to us. Being full of integrity at any cost is essential to fulfilling our first core value. Creating hope must start with the clients and partners we serve and the way we practice business. If we violate integrity, we would violate the fundamental company purpose. This can never be an option for us. Our mission is fulfilled as we restore hope in humanity and demonstrate integrity in business.

Achieving Excellence

Excellence in every detail is more than being good at what we do, it's about being true to who we are. We believe that everything we do needs to be done in excellence because it honors God and provides a platform to serve others. This means that not only do we dedicate ourselves to nurture your growth in a long-term partnership, we also commit to giving generously. It is with willing hearts and open hands that we offer our talents and resources for the good of others. We aim high, achieve well and give big because we know the impact will be even greater than what we imagine. It's not just about our victory. It's about your victory as you reach the next level of success through our partnership. And it's about the victory of the girl who was rescued from human trafficking, the orphan who receives a life-saving surgery, and countless others whose hope can be restored.

The KII People

Meet Our Team

From impacting our partners to impacting the world, being a part of KII means being a part of something unfathomably greater than ourselves. With the track record of successfully building multiple local and global companies and constructing millions of dollars in real estate while giving generously towards world impact, the KII principals are well-equipped to spearhead our partnership for advancement.

Joseph Blockno

President and CEO

Joseph Blockno's creative restructuring of traditional financial models into scalable risk-mitigated platforms has enabled him to expand his clients' opportunities to grow and cultivate greater wealth. He has developed innovative capital and modular distribution structures utilized by global leaders such as Skanska and various Berkshire Hathaway companies.

At age 18 while living in his car, Joseph started his first business, an environmental company which grew to nearly 4,000 clients. After a successful exit, he entered the housing industry where he sold and completed thousands of homes. This transition led Joe to a teaming partnership with Skanska. As a result, Joe's company later became a contracted partner with one of Berkshire Hathaway's fully-owned subsidiaries successfully deploying his capital structures alongside modular distribution applications.

Enduring numerous peaks and valleys has taught Joe to remain humble, prioritize his family and give generously in efforts to make the world a better place. Through faith and a vision to impact the world by helping others, Joe is inspired to steward Kingdom Impact Investments and its many partnerships to a thriving future.

  • Managing Director and Principal
    Mosaic Capital Group
    LLC 2014-2017
  • Managing Member
    Innovative Development and Economic Asset Solutions, LLC
  • President and CEO
    Joseph Blockno, Inc.
  • President and CEO
    Innovative Asset Solutions, LLC
  • Independent Consultant
    Skanska USA Building, Inc.
  • Direct Sales
    Direct Consulting

Marius van der Riet

Chief Operating Officer

Marius van der Riet provides wisdom and foresight drawn from his distinct legacy, prestige and experience, elevating KII's operational leadership and core values.

For 30 years Marius led a successful military career in South Africa, beginning as an infantry soldier and eventually becoming a decorated senior officer and defense attaché in Washington D.C. Garnering knowledge at high levels within the governmental sector positioned him well for transition into private enterprise. What started as a six-man logistics contract in Iraq proliferated into Reed International, a multi-million dollar security and logistics company with over 2,000 employees worldwide. Reed advanced to become a major defense contractor for the U.S. Government, United Nations and Iraq, while also providing subcontracting work for international and U.S. Fortune 500 companies.

Being affected by the generosity of others throughout his life, Marius passionately stewards Kingdom Impact Investments' giving initiatives. Creating a legacy of servant leadership and sacrifice for his family, community and country, Marius is an anchor for KII's heritage of global impact.

  • Founder and CEO
    Reed International, Inc.
  • International Trade with East and West Africa Countries
  • Director of International Business Development
    Rooney Group International
  • Defense, Military and Naval Attache Republic of South Africa
  • Dean and Commander
    Intelligence Academy of South Africa
  • Military Area Commander in Namibia

Joseph Ciaramitaro

Chief People Officer

A lifelong entrepreneur, Joseph Ciaramitaro has excelled in growing and scaling companies for nearly three decades culminating in his involvement with investment capital. His talent for expanding business is fueled by seasoned experience identifying and utilizing the right people and assets to maximize success.

Building a nationwide executive headhunting company in his twenties, Joseph ran national hiring initiatives for companies such as J.P. Morgan, Motorola, Coca Cola, Deloitte and numerous expansion and growth-stage organizations. This experience led to opportunities for consulting and supporting rapid growth start ups, resulting in the launch of GroCorp in 2013. Establishing GroCorp to help companies grow faster through access to impact leaders and expansion capital, Joseph concentrated on providing key individuals and facilitating targeted business outcomes necessary for expansion.

Joseph's success comes from his passion for impacting the world by equipping and aligning people, building lasting relationships and fostering the dreams of others. Through faith, he uses this passion to strengthen the growing vision and partnerships within Kingdom Impact Investments.

  • Managing Director
  • Co-founding Member
    Mosaic Capital Group
  • Partner and Chief Staffing Officer
    Markline Industries
  • Talent Aquisition-Partner
    Liaison Mascia Law Firm
  • Consultant-Talent Aquisition, Marketing, Operations
    Zakhary Builders
  • Partner, Co-Founder
    Corporate Search Consultants

Renaut van der Riet

Chief Visionary Officer

Renaut van der Riet has been creating effective methods of giving for approximately two decades. Through unique leadership and vision, he has established multiple platforms of impact being leveraged to provide millions of dollars and other resources across the globe.

Planting a non-denominational multi-site church with over 3,000 attendees is foundational to Renaut's mission towards impact. Under his guidance, this church community directs over $500,000 annually to areas of need. Launching Axum Coffee and Axum Market Cafe brands opened a broader context of giving for Renaut. Now entering new markets, Axum donates 100% of proceeds to social justice organizations across the world. As founder and president of Love Made Visible, a nonprofit organization serving children, his vision has created a safe haven for hundreds of young people seeking hope.

Adopting four children from Axum, Ethiopia has allowed Renaut's family to also be touched and reshaped by stepping into significant life changing stories.

Standing at the helm of KII's vision is a man prepared and determined to champion its worldwide aspirations for growth and impact.

  • Lead Pastor
    Mosaic Church
  • President
    Axum Coffee
  • Founder and President
    Love Made Visible
  • City Visionary
    Vision 360
  • Student Ministries Leader
    Shoreline Community Church